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Data Cleansing and Preparation

What is Data Cleansing?

Data is your most valuable business assets. It needs to be kept in good order for it to work for you. Data cleansing also known as Data cleaning aims to detect and correct irregularities within the data.

Data quality issues can be identified as:

  • Accuracy – Is the information corrector has it got any inaccuracies?
  • Integrity – Is this information still true?
  • Cleanliness – Are there duplicate records for the same customer?
  • Completeness – Is the address missing the postal/zip code in some entries?
  • Consistency – In a distributed system, is data being shared consistently or data is being missed out at some sites?

Inaccurate or dirty data can lead to incorrect reporting results. Duplicate information uses unnecessary space in your infrastructure, increasing your storage costs.  Clean data saves time and increases efficiency. It creates trust and confidence.

Data quality is important to obtain meaningful insights and a productive way to increase the value to the company overall.

How can we help?

Data is forever changing, new people join the company, others leave, new products are added to your stock, new processes come to place and these changes need to be accurately and promptly updated and reflected in your current systems.

On-going data cleansing ensures compliance and consistency especially in distributed systems.

Using 5iEcom Data Cleansing services, is a low cost and low risk way to add resources without all the other extras.

A team of professionals with a proven track of experience available to help.

Whether it is a single data file or data from multiple sources, we can help identify and advise in the correction of most data inaccuracies.

Data Analysis and Insights

Today, we have access to more data than ever before. Big data is the new norm as businesses collect user data across a multitude of channels including apps, email, and web browsing. Data is collected by all sorts of organisations, from healthcare to travel, data is constantly being created and collected.

Data is more or less useless without analytics. Analytics is how you make sense of data and uncover meaningful trends. There is a lot value in those massive data sets, but apps and other businesses are unable to unlock that value without the help of analytics.

For a retail website, for example, data might show that you sold 1,000 items last month. This data alone doesn’t mean much, but analysing this data could reveal that most sales are coming from mobile devices, which is the best seller product and your actual return amongst a lot more information. Now your data is starting to work for you! Insight is the value obtained through the use of analytics. The insights gained through analytics are incredibly powerful, and can be used to grow your business while identifying areas of opportunity.

How can we help?

With the help of analytics tools, we can provide businesses with honest advice based on our experience and expertise in data analytics. Our focus is to obtain the best outcomes from your data.

Using 5iEcom Data Analysis and Insights services, is a low cost and low risk way to add resources without all the other extras.

A team of professionals with a proven track of experience available to help.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

In this world of big data, business intelligence is crucial in helping small businesses make sense of data and translate it into analytics reports. Businesses can then base their decisions on solid data and facts, rather than intuition and assumption

Business intelligence is critical to both executives and owners equally as it provides insights into the true health of an organization that are not readily available from a profit and loss statement. Reports can tell you a much interesting story than you could imagine.

Business Intelligence and Reporting can help organisations to:

  • Derive knowledge and insights from data
  • Understand what drives revenue for your business
  • Personalize your strategy and anticipate obstacles
  • Create a more effective business model
  • Get a single, consolidated view of your data

Our team at 5iEcom, will help you derive the required insights from your data. We work around your requirements to create personalized reports and dashboards with up to date information.

A team of professionals with a proven track of experience available to help.

Geographical / Geospatial Data Maps

Geospatial is used to indicate that data has a geographic component to it, the records in a dataset have locational information tied to them in the form of coordinates, address, city, or Postal/ ZIP code.

With today’s abundance of data, it makes sense to view data with a geographical role as a geospatial map rather than as a chart or table. With the Geospatial maps you can explore the world through data and share your findings in just a few clicks.

Visualizing data on sales by country, census data by city, gold sales by country or any other type of geographical analysis by the use of geospatial maps provides a more professional approach to an organisation’s reporting.

With the use of tools like Tableau, Power Bi and Excel, we make the most of geographical data as it turns the location data and information you already have into rich, interactive maps with the ability to zoom.